Why Tampa Area Patients and Dentists Recommend Dr. Renato Aves for Surgical Tooth Extraction

Dr. Renato Aves performs thousands of tooth extractions each year in his three high tech surgical offices in Tampa Bay and Lakeland. These are located at 7720 W. Waters Ave. in Tampa, 19445 Shumard Oak Dr. in Land O’Lakes and 3207 S Florida Ave in Lakeland. All of these locations are designed for you comfort and ease of mind.

Patients and dentists refer others to Dr. Aves because of his expertise and the expertise and professionalism of his team. They know you will have an optimal experience and the best results. The Sedation options at Tampa Bay Institute of Oral Surgery and Dental Implants also provide the extra measure of comfort that patients desire and make surgical procedures easy for them.

Many times, the patients who come to us for tooth removal are planning to replace the severely damaged tooth with a dental implant, or aware that they may want to have a dental implant in the future. Dr. Aves has vast experience in dental implant treatment, the preparation of bone tissue for dental implants, and the conservation of bone tissue for a future implant. He will discuss with you the advantages of filling the tooth socket with bone grafting material at the time of tooth extraction and you may elect this procedure to also be done.

From the moment you call for an initial consultation appointment to your post-operative check-up appointment, we will treat you with the respect, compassion, and time you so deserve. We will fully inform you about your surgical needs, what to expect, sedation options, post-operative care for swelling and pain management, how to contact us with any questions or concerns, communication with referring doctors and assistance with payment for your surgical care via insurance or financing.

Our concern is for your oral health and helping you keep as many of your teeth as possible. Dr. Aves does not recommend unnecessary treatment, but if a diseased, damaged, or otherwise undesirable tooth is interfering with your smile, Dr. Aves can help safely and successfully extract it—and even prepare the surgical site for a dental implant.

Contact our Tampa Bay, FL oral surgery practices today. We’ll be happy to schedule you for a complementary initial or second opinion consultation in which your mouth will be examined, and we will give you full specific information for your individual circumstances.