Qualify for Dental Implants with a Sinus Lift

To help patients become eligible for dental implants, Tampa Oral Surgeon Dr. Renato Aves can perform sinus lift surgery at our convenient Tampa or Lakeland, FL office. Tooth loss, periodontal (gum) disease, or abnormal oral structures could cause your maxillary sinuses to expand, taking up disproportionate space in your upper jaw and cheeks. In addition to changing your facial shape, sinus enlargement and jawbone loss can make patients with missing teeth ineligible for advanced implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures. During the sinus lift procedure, he raises sinuses so that new, healthier tissue can develop beneath them after bone grafting. To learn more about sinus lifts or find out if this procedure can help you, contact the Tampa Bay Institute of Oral Surgery and Dental Implants today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Aves.

Who is a Candidate?

You may be eligible for a sinus lift if you:

  • Have lost one or had extractions of one or more teeth in your upper jaw, especially the molars. If you need an upper tooth removed, Dr. Aves can help you avoid the need for a sinus lift by performing ridge preservation.
  • Have suffered from periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease that can attack your jawbone and related tissues.
  • Have worn a traditional restoration for any extended period of time. Unfortunately, conventional crowns, bridges, and dentures simply rest on top of the gums, which means that they do not exercise the bone tissue beneath, often leading to bone deterioration.
  • Suffer from a congenital condition or birth defect that leaves you with very little bone in your upper jaw.
  • Wish to have dental implants placed in your upper arch but lack sufficient jawbone to hold them. Dr. Aves can determine if this is the case this using digital x-rays and other diagnostic techniques.
  • Are in good oral and dental health. Active decay or gum disease could complicate or interfere with your sinus lift procedure.
  • Do not suffer from chronic, systemic, or immune compromising diseases, since these could stop you from safely undergoing anesthesia and surgery.

Dr. Aves will examine your mouth, perform diagnostic assessments, go over your medical records, and discuss your concerns with you to determine if you are a good candidate for a sinus lift.

The Procedure

There are two basic types of sinus lifts. During the typical or “direct” procedure, Dr. Aves will make an incision in your gum tissue in order to access the affected bone. He will then create a small hole in the bone tissue. Next, he will insert a tiny instrument or use Piezosurgery® to lift your sinus to a more appropriate position. After moving your sinus, Dr. Aves will perform a bone graft. He may do so using autogenous tissue (samples previously removed from your own bones in an additional procedure), an allograft (processed cadaver tissue), or a xenograft (bone tissue from a non-human source, such as a cow). Once he has sufficiently built up the bone beneath your sinus, Dr. Aves will suture your gum tissue to complete the procedure.

For patients who require only minimal jawbone regeneration, Dr. Aves may utilize the “indirect” method. During this less invasive surgery, he will open your gums and use an osteotome, or a small surgical chisel, to gently tap your sinus tissue, raising it. Simply lifting the sinus will stimulate a moderate amount of bone tissue regeneration, so an indirect sinus lift will not require bone grafting.

For both of these procedures, Dr. Aves can provide local anesthesia as well as sedation to keep you comfortable and relaxed.

Recovering from a Sinus Lift

After your sinus lift, you may experience some swelling or bleeding. Dr. Aves will prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatory medications, antibiotics, and, in some cases, special mouthwash or spray to keep the area clean. After about seven to ten days, he will assess your healing and determine if you may return to work and normal activity. You will need to wait four to nine months for your bone to successfully regenerate and your sinus position to stabilize before Dr. Aves can place dental implants. We may recommend using plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) to accelerate your healing.

Learn More About Sinus Lifts

Dr. Aves can help you qualify for dental implants and enhance your oral structures with sinus lift procedures. Contact our oral surgery practice today to learn more about sinus lifts or schedule a consultation.

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