Post Surgical Swelling is Natural Part of Healing Process

During oral surgery, blood flow increases to the traumatized area causing swelling but also promoting healing. With swelling, you will experience a rise in temperature in the area, redness, and tenderness. Don’t worry as this natural healing process takes place. To alleviate swelling, you may apply an ice pack to the outside of the cheek for 20 minutes at a time during the first 3 days. Use a cloth to buffer your skin from the ice pack. Swelling usually peaks at day two after surgery and then decreases daily for about a week. At Tampa Bay Institute for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, we offer platelet rich plasma (PRP) to speed up healing. Your oral surgeon can draw a sample of your blood, centrifuge it, and add a concentration of your activated platelets into the surgical site. The activated platelets will release growth factors that recruit and increase the proliferation of reparative cells.