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A Letter to Dr. Aves

Dr. Aves,

I wanted to thank you and your lovely staff for always treating me with much care, and making me feel comfortable in your office since day one! Every time I go for a checkup or surgery, your staff is always so attentive and I thank them dearly for making those hard surgery days easier for me. They are always so positive and have nothing but good things to say about you! Especially Ania, your right hand lady. She is an excellent person who has always taken the time to keep me company, and given me reasoning words when I needed them the most. I would need another letter to talk about how great all the other girls are. They have been so great and I haven’t had the chance to thank them properly, in the time I have been going there. I do notice all the effort they put into making me feel comfortable.

I realize that this might be a standard with all the customers or patients but I still feel the special attention! (So please keep your alters in check and be nice to them!) This of course would never be possible without you! Who has a heart of gold! I will never be able to pay you back! There’s no amount of money that could show you how grateful I am for all you do, to help me with my situation. As a business major I can’t help but estimate the countless hours, material and effort you have provided for my mouth! Many times now! I am forever in your debt! If there is ever something I can help you with I will be just as willing and happy to! I believe that you are doing exactly what you were meant to be doing. Despite setbacks in your life and in my case you keep going and pushing forward. That’s very admirable and makes you stand out from the rest. Thanks for being humble and caring, it’s way more important to me then the titles and achievements. I have chosen to stay under your care throughout the year and many surgeries because I believe in your work. I hope we can end it with a smile so I can show off your work and eat like a human once again. In the unfortunate event that I must go under someone else’s care, I want you to know that today, though I don’t have a tooth and we are far from done. I am very pleased and have NO doubts in my mind that you have done everything in your power to help me and I won’t forget!

I am aware my situation is not something that you see every day, and though you are very knowledgeable and experienced, there are things that you cannot control. My gum line or the way it heals is not in your hands. If it were; I would have a huge smile by now. I just wanted to say thank you and thank you again for everything that you have done. I am lucky or just overly blessed to have you as my doctor. I know you are a very busy man so I will wrap this up by wishing you a happy Halloween and daughter’s birthday! May you all have a wonderful time and start to this holiday season. I don’t know where life will be taking me this months to come but I will be wishing you and your staff all the best! Take care and I will see you again when I do! Dear Ania, Veronica, Erica, Julie and the rest of the dream team, Thank you for always being so kind and helpful every time I come to see you. From the front door greeting, to the farewell at the back door; I always feel taken care of and treated with much respect. It has been a year now give or take since I have met you all and have not had a chance to say thank you!! From the bottom of my heart for treating me well throughout this process. You have all made it a lot easier to endure. From holding my hand when I get my shots in my mouth, to getting me much needed Tylenol 3 and always taking interest in my case. I hope you all enjoy the cookies I had made special for all of you! God bless you and have a safe and happy Halloween!! Time is flying by and the holidays are coming, so I hope you all have a great start to the happy season.

Thank you again,

Jenn Mo.