Bone Grafting

Lakeland Oral Surgeon, Dr. Sean Walcott, can perform bone grafting to build up your jawbone, improve your oral health, and help you enjoy the benefits of dental implants. The bone grafting procedure consists of opening the gum tissue and modifying the existing bone as necessary to attach grafting material with titanium screws. Dr. Walcott can cover the graft with bone marrow or plasma rich growth factors (PRGF) to help the bone integrate with the graft and heal efficiently. Although bone does not have nerve endings, gum tissue does. Dr. Walcott will use optimal anesthetic and sedation techniques to ensure your maximum comfort.

Why might you need a bone graft?

When a lost or extracted tooth no longer stimulates the bone tissue by chewing, the bone begins to deteriorate. Some patients may naturally have narrower, less dense bones, exacerbating this condition. Bone loss can change your facial shape, making your cheeks appear hollow or your face appear gaunt. In addition, insufficient jawbone tissue can make you ineligible for dental implants.

Who is a good candidate for bone grafting?

Dr. Walcott will assess your mouth, perform appropriate diagnostic tests, go over your medical records, and discuss your concerns to determine if you would benefit from and also medically quality for bone grafting. You can have bone grafting if you:

  • Are in good oral and dental health without active tooth decay or gum disease, which could complicate or interfere with your bone grafting procedure and it successful healing.
  • Do not suffer from chronic, systemic, or immune compromising diseases, since these could stop you from safely undergoing IV sedation during your surgery.

Learn More About Sinus Lifts

Dr. Walcott can help you qualify for dental implants and enhance your oral structures with bone grafting. If you have been told you do not have adequate bone for dental implants, are concerned you might not have adequate bone, or simply want to learn what our expert oral surgeon has to say about your oral health circumstances in regards to implants, we invite you to make a consultation appointment. This first appointment with Dr. Sean Walcott is free of charge, including the digital x-ray and 3D Cone Beam CT imaging he needs to provide his expert opinion.