The Importance of the Pre-Surgical Consultation

Before undergoing any surgery at Tampa Bay Institute of Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, you will attend a pre-surgical consultation. During this meeting, you will learn how to prepare for your upcoming procedure and what to expect during recovery in our office and after you go home. Patients who understand what to expect are more confident and calm. A good state of mind aids in speedy recovery. This appointment also gives your surgeon the opportunity to review your most recent medical history.

We will provide you with printed sheets of information and instructions. However, it is wise to write down important points to help you remember them, and you may want to bring your post-operative caregiver to the consultation, as well. By understanding how to prepare for your surgery, you may avoid potential complications. For example, you will be advised when to stop consuming foods and beverages, and when to take oral sedatives, if applicable.

The doctor will also explain what will occur during your procedure. Do not be shy during your pre-surgical consult to ask questions, because you will likely be groggy after the procedure.

We will provide information about how to take care of yourself after your procedure and how to get hold of our office if you have a concern after office hours. You may need to be on a soft diet for a day or two after surgery. You may need an ice pack or other supplies. You will be made aware of this during the pre-surgical consult so you can prepare appropriately before the day of surgery.

If your post-operative driver and caregiver is not present at the consultation, make certain that he or she receives a copy of the post-operative instructions and has our phone number in case there are questions later.