The Predictability of Dental Implants

Tampa Implant Oral Surgeon Dr. Renato Aves of Tampa, Florida places hundreds of dental implants a year. He uses advanced technology, detailed treatment planning, and the finest materials to ensure lasting results.

In the past, removable and tooth-supported restorations were the only ways to replace missing teeth. While these options can improve your appearance and dental function, they have disadvantages when compared to today’s restorations on dental implants. Not only do they not provide the same stable strength when chewing, but they often have to be replaced. In the case of bridges supported on crowns, there is significant alteration of healthy teeth. In contrast, dental implants are highly stable and do not impact your nearby teeth.

When expertly planned and placed, patients are consistently pleased with their dental implants. Restorations on dental implants are easy to care for, and when you maintain proper hygiene, implants can last the rest of your life. Nevertheless, while implants are typically very durable, choosing the right surgeon means high satisfaction with surgical procedures, post-operative healing, and the functional and aesthetic results. Dr. Aves uses advanced technology to plan precise, personalized surgeries. He also utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to ensure outstanding results.

Dental Implants Have a High Rate of Success

Implants are made of titanium, a completely biocompatible material. When Dr. Aves inserts these posts in your jawbone, they will integrate with your bone tissue through the process of osseointegration. Following your complete recovery, implants will be a permanent part of your oral structure. Dental implants are one of the most successful forms of elective surgery when done by an experienced dental implant specialist like Dr. Aves. His experience with hundreds of patients has been greater than 98% success.

Determining Your Candidacy for Treatment

To ensure implant success, Dr. Aves will first determine your candidacy for treatment. Most patients will qualify for dental implants. However, you should have generally good oral and physical health to receive these restorations. Untreated gum disease can affect your candidacy, though you may qualify after appropriate care. Autoimmune diseases and blood disorders may also affect your ability to receive implants.

Your jawbone health is another important concern. If you have suffered bone recession as a result of tooth loss, your jaw may not be strong enough to support implants. Fortunately, Dr. Aves also offers bone grafting, sinus lifts, and similar procedures to replace lost tissue. These treatments can provide a solid foundation for your restorations.

Detailed Treatment Planning is Vital

Once he has ensured your candidacy, Dr. Aves will carefully plan your treatment using advanced imaging technology. With CT scans and cone beam imaging, he can view a 3-D image of your jaw. He can then find the strongest areas of bone, ensuring long-lasting results.

Advanced Technology Further Boost Dental Implant Success

Dr. Aves will also use innovative techniques during the surgical process. Piezosurgery® is a unique surgical technique. This method utilizes ultrasound waves, rather than manual surgical instruments. The gentle tools will remove bone tissue with minimal discomfort and reduced recovery time. The ultrasound tools will also reduce the risk of infection, bleeding, and other complications following surgery.

A successful surgery will depend on how well your jawbone heals around the implants. In some cases, Dr. Aves may recommend plasma rich in growth factors (PRGF) to promote faster healing. He will take a sample of your own blood. Then he will isolate the plasma, which has a high protein content. The PRGF will help your bone to heal more quickly with a reduced risk for complications.

Surgical Experience Can Increase Predictability

Of course, even the most advanced technology will only take you so far. For true surgical success, it is important to visit an experienced oral surgeon. Dr. Aves has years of experience in implant placement and other forms of oral surgery. After receiving his Doctorate in Dental Surgery, he completed an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery residency at Howard University Hospital. He is a member of many esteemed national and international dental institutions.

Dr. Aves is committed to the success of your dental care. He will take the time to create a detailed treatment plan in keeping with your needs. He will also answer your questions so that you feel confident about your upcoming procedure and its results.

Enjoy Our Predictable and Stunning Results

When you receive implants from an expert like Dr. Aves, you are likely to enjoy stunning results for years to come. We offer a no charge initial consultation for dental implants. Contact our office today to learn more about implant predictability.